Have a brown dry lawn?

A dry lawn is often the result of drought, summer heat and stress, heavy foot traffic, soil compaction, lack of water or poor water penetration.

Improve moisture levels in your dry lawn by improving water management and soil health. Painting a brown dry lawn is another solution many homeowners, landscapers and lawn maintenance professionals use. Painting a dry lawn with Endurant dry lawn colorants is an economical, earth friendly solution to beautify a dry lawn quickly in almost all conditions.

Get that dry lawn lush and beautiful for gorgeous curb appeal.

Discover the cause of your dry lawn to find the best solution to get your dry lawn green and looking healthy and green whether you need a soil surfactant or prefer painting a dry lawn.

Ask what the cause of your dry lawn could be:
  • Is it lack of water causing your dry lawn?
  • Is your dry lawn caused by poor water penetration through the soil?
  • Are soil conditions causing poor water retention in the soil leading to a dry lawn?
  • Are you not irrigating optimally causing your dry lawn?
  • Is your dry lawn effected by drought conditions?

Discover the challenge and find the solution to your dry lawn with earth friendly soil surfactants, penetrants or dry lawn paints and colorants. These dry lawn solutions will save water, improve soil and plant health while also being economical and earth friendly. Best organic options to correct your dry lawn, landscapes and gardens are available.

Identify one of these four common causes of your dry lawn:
Water Retention

Water retention is a problem when soil conditions, such as sandy soils or soils low in organic matter, allow water to flush away too quickly..

  • Solution A
  • Solution B

3 Solution A Humawet Buy Now

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  • Humawet

    Humawet is the soil surfactant and wetting agent that will improve water retention in the soil.

    If you have areas of brown grass and want to know how to get green grass and a completely green lawn, Humawet is a fast solution.

    Humawet is also a soil conditioner with humate, which is naturally occurring fossilized organic matter that can increase the time between each watering. Humawet aids in water retention for your dry lawn and brown grass while also helping in the larger goal of water conservation.

    If you have brown spots in your lawn, or localized dry spots (LDS), Humawet is the solution you’re looking for to turn your brown grass to green grass fast.